Vladi Skokov’s group

Last modified: 2023 Nov

Research directions

Most but not all of our work is in theoretical high-energy nuclear physics.

Our primary research interests revolve around two main subjects:

Hadrons at high energy

Nuclear structure and nuclear wave functions at high energies. Recent experiments and advances in theory suggest that, at high energies, every hadron, including proton, neutron, and nucleus, appears as dense “walls” of gluons, creating what might be among the strongest (chromo)electric and magnetic fields in nature. Studying this novel form of matter, the so-called color glass condensate will help better understand the non-linear dynamics of quantum-chromodynamics.

QCD phase diagram

Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) in extreme conditions, including high temperature, density or/and magnetic field. The QCD phase diagram is the only one of the Standard model of elementary particles that can be probed experimentally. We aim to provide theoretical support to experimental colleagues to map out the QCD phase diagram.

Research highlights

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