Vladimir Skokov's homepage

Current Affiliation: 
    Riken-BNL Research Center
    Upton, NY 11973 

Contact information:
    Work phone number: +1-631-344-3795
    Email: VVSkokov.at.gmail.com

Research Interests: 

  • non-perturbative methods of quantum field theory, the exact (functional) renormalization group
  • finite temperature field theory
  • deconfinement and chiral aspects of Quantum Chromo-Dynamics (QCD) phase transitions, effective models of QCD at finite temperature and density
  • nonequilibrium field theory; transport properties, thermalization, non-perturbative particle production in coherent fields
  • renormalization group, critical statics and critical dynamics in vicinity of a phase transition
  • high energy QCD, structure of nuclei and hadrons, deep inelastic scattering, transverse momentum dependent parton distribution functions, three dimensional structure of nucleons and nuclei in momentum and configuration space; phenomenology of high-energy electron-proton/ion, hadron and heavy-ion collisions