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Current Affiliation:

Assistant Professor,

Nuclear Theory Group, Physics Department, College of Sciences, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27607

Riken-BNL Research Center, Physics Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973

Beam Energy Scan Theory (BEST) Collaboration, US Department of Energy

Contact information:

Email: VSkokov.at.ncsu.edu

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Current Group members:

Haowu Duan (Graduate student, NCSU; supported by DOE grant)

Greg Johnson (Graduate student, NCSU)

Ming Li (Postdoctoral fellow, NCSU. Supported by DOE grant. Project: Saturation corrections/Color Glass Condensate/Electron Ion Collider)

Past and current undergraduate students: Andrew Connelly (Yang-Lee edge singularity) and Jack Featherstone (high-energy hadronic collisions).


  • A Monte Carlo implementation to probe the distribution of linearly polarized gluons and elliptic azimuthal anisotropy in DIS dijet production at high energy: MCDijet; see Refs. arXiv:1809.02615 and arXiv:1508.04438 for details.

Research Interests:

  • non-perturbative methods of quantum field theory, the exact (functional) renormalization group

  • finite temperature field theory

  • deconfinement and chiral aspects of Quantum Chromo-Dynamics (QCD) phase transitions, effective models of QCD at finite temperature and density

  • non-equilibrium field theory; transport properties, thermalization, non-perturbative particle production in coherent fields

  • renormalization group, critical statics and critical dynamics in vicinity of a phase transition

  • high energy QCD, structure of nuclei and hadrons, deep inelastic scattering, transverse momentum dependent parton distribution functions, three dimensional structure of nucleons and nuclei in momentum and configuration space; phenomenology of high-energy electron-proton/ion, hadron and heavy-ion collision


  • Spring 2014, Two sections of Calculus based Physics II (E&M), Western Michigan University

  • Spring 2015, Calculus based Physics II (E&M), Western Michigan University

informal students' reviews can be found here
  • Spring 2015, Statistical mechanics (graduate level), Western Michigan University

  • Fall 2018, Algebra-based Physics I (Mechanics), North Carolina State University

  • Fall 2019, Algebra-based Physics II (Mechanics), North Carolina State University: Moodle, WebAssign

informal students' reviews can be found here
  • Fall 2020, Computational Physics (PY525)

  • Fall 2021, Computational Physics (PY525)


  • US Department of Energy, Project title "Quantum Chromodynamics at extreme gluon densities"

  • Riken-BNL Research Center

  • ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI

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