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Current Affiliation: 

    Assistant Professor,  

   Nuclear Theory Group, Physics Department, College of Sciences, North Carolina State University,  Raleigh, NC 27607 

   Riken-BNL Research Center, Physics Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973 

   Beam Energy Scan Theory (BEST) Collaboration, US Department of Energy 

Contact information:

    Email: VSkokov.at.ncsu.edu

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Current Group members: 

 Haowu Duan  (Graduate student, NCSU; supported by DOE grant; defended PhD  "Quantum information perspective on high energy hadron wave function: entanglement and correlations" in Summer 2023)

 Greg Johnson (Graduate student, NCSU; defended PhD "The Universal Location of The Yang Lee Edge Singularity for

O(N ) Universality Classes" in Summer 2023)

Shaswat Tiwaru (Graduate student, NCSU) 

Zichen Zhao (Graduate student, NCSU) 

Tiyasa Kar  (Graduate student, NCSU) 

Ramkumar Radhakrishnan (Graduate student, NCSU) 

Andrey Tarasov (Postdoctoral fellow, NCSU. Supported by DOE grant. Project: Saturation corrections/Color Glass Condensate/Electron Ion Collider)

Past and current undergraduate students: Andrew Connelly (Yang-Lee edge singularity), Jack Featherstone (high-energy hadronic collisions), Josh Ott (critical dynamics), Cameron Stephens  (high-energy hadronic collisions)



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informal students' reviews can be found here
informal students' reviews can be found here


Last update: May 18, 2023